How to pay your rent

Tenant Rent Payment Information Sheet

At Caboolture REALTY, here’s how we ask all our Tenants to pay rent, as we are a cashless office these are your following options:

How much & when to pay:

  • Read your lease agreement for your rent amount and frequency details.
  • ALWAYS set up your payments for a few days in ADVANCE of your rent due date to ensure your rent reaches us on time. Or even add a little more each week to cover possible water usage. Creating a budget and making sure you are ahead in the rent will keep your tenant ledger nice and healthy.

Option 1 – Rental Rewards

Following this information benefits both you and us and ensures that:

  • Your payments are received on time
  • Payments are quickly identified & recorded
  • We reduce payment queries to you
  • We maintain strong office security
  • You have easy payment options
  • You & all our tenants receive great service

Payment methods:

  1. Automatic ‘Set & Forget’ – payments processed automatically when due.
  2. SMS or Email ‘Rent Reminders’ – receive reminder & just reply “YES” to pay or login to pay online.

– payments processed automatically when due.

– receive reminder & just reply “YES” to pay or login to pay online.

Payment accounts:

  1.  Bank Account (savings/ cheque)
  1.  Credit Card
  1.  Debit Card

Rent payment services for you:

  • Easy & convenient rent payment options.
  • You can earn reward points on credit card payments.
  • Receive online access to payment history.
  • Improve cash flow with interest free days on credit card payments.
  • Service provided by industry specialists, Rental Rewards.
  • Club discounts & offers including:



Earn points for paying your rent and gain access to great discounts & offers.



  • Monthly Membership Fee^: Usually $5 but through us its only $3.00 per month
  • Bank Account payments: No cost.
  • Credit/ Debit Card payments*: 1% + $2 transaction fee


How to set up your rent payments:

  1. Your Property Manager will provide you with a payment set-up form.
  2. Complete the form when you sign your lease agreement.

Once set up, you will receive a confirmation email, payments will be processed and you can access your rent payment info and member benefits via


Terms & Conditions Apply: *A $2 transaction fee will be applied to all credit/debit card transactions.
Some payments over $500 by some card categories (e.g. premium cards) may attract an additional $10 transaction fee.
Payments over $3,000 by card will attract a 1.76% fee only.
For exact fees for your rent amount and card type, register online.
^The $3 monthly service fee will be charged quarterly on 1 December/ March/ June/ September & pro rata for the quarter at the end of your joining month.
The earning of credit card rewards points is subject to the terms & conditions of your credit card rewards program.


Option 2 – Eftpos in the Office


We do have Eftpos available for Credit / Debit Cards for one off payments
but charges do apply:


Visa / Mastercard Payment +1.76% of processed amount
Example: Paying for $100.00 will cost you $101.76


American Express Payment +2.64% of processed amount
Example: Paying $100.00 will cost you $102.64

Option 3 – Money Order – Standard from Australia Post


You are welcome to pay your rent via Standard Money Order which you can pay for through any Australia Post Office the cost is $9.95 per money order and you can pay up to $5000 per order.

Option 4 – Personal Cheque


You are welcome to pay your rent via a personal cheque.
Please make the cheque out to Caboolture REALTY